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Diane Kent

Sales Associate


Review from buyers

"As first time home buyers, my wife and I feel that Diane was a great agent to help us understand the process and also help us see the homes we wanted to see and weed out the ones we didn't. My wife and I came to Diane with a short "must haves" list but a longer "we don't know" list on account this was our first home. With Diane's help, she was able to help us grow our “must haves” list to include things that most people who home owners include on their “must haves” list. She helped council us before we set off blindly looking for our new prospective home.

The house we ended up buying was a house that my wife and I previously found 3-6 months before we moved from Maryland back to our home town of Wichita. While still living in Maryland my wife and I both wrote the house off as requiring too much exterior work to bring the home up to horse ready standards which included putting in all fences, building barn(s), running electrical lines out to both the barn and other points, running water lines for hydrants, and so on. Well Diane insisted we go look at it anyways because it was a fairly new home and met 99% of our must haves. Needless to say, we fell in love with it and decided the home was worth the work, money and time required to bring the property up to our required specs.

When we decided to place an offer on our home which is where I believe Diane showcased her professionalism skills well. Despite my wife and I never having purchased a home in our lives and not knowing how the process went, Diane allowed my wife and I to feel like we were in control and never once belittled us due to our lack of experience or coddled us because it was our first home. She made us feel empowered. Ultimately the terms that we signed on closing day were OUR terms and not the terms the agent spoon fed us and made us feel like they were our ideas.

Ultimately, Diane’s communication skills were top notch! She always engaged us when she found homes that we may like and always asked if we wanted a showing. She made herself available whenever we needed her or had questions. She never sat on her phone with other clients when she was with my wife and I. When we found a house that we wanted to go look at, we always had a showing that day or the following day. She was incredibly professional and personable. I would recommend Diane Kent to any of my closest friends or family."

- The Peppers- Wichita Ks

Review from out of town buyer

"She is an amazing realtor, such knowledge in her work.. She was awesome to work with and so caring, kind meet all my housing needs and beyond.. I am new to this area and had lots of questions and concerns about the area and town.. She was able to provide me with much knowledge and information that was very important to helping me make good choices with my housing needs.. She has even helped me since my housing purchase and has became a resource I still contact when I need help.. I can't express enough what a wonderful person she has been.. She takes her job to a higher level... She truly enjoys doing all she can to help... Amazing woman and awesome at her job."

- Kathy- Wichita Ks

Bought at auction

"I am so glad I found Diane Kent she is truly amazing. She had listed a home that I wanted to see and she met with me immediately. She was very knowledgeable and showed me several homes before she found me my dream house. She was on top of everything during the whole process and was so easy to work with she made the stress of buying a home easy. In the future she will be the only real estate agent I will ever contact or recommend to anyone. Thank you"

- Mr. Baker- Wichita Ks

Investor- buyer & seller

"I have been working with Diane, on and off, for almost a year now. I am VERY pleased. She is honest and forthright in every way. I communicate with her via cell phone, text and emails. I am always amazed when I send her an email in the late evening, and get an unexpected response that night. She has no regard to the day of the week. If I show an interest in a property on Saturday, she always asks if I want to go see it, even if it's a Sunday. She has dissuaded me from rather foolish moves and I very much appreciate her expertise. I love to hear her negotiate. You can see the years of experience in her actions. if you are looking for a Super Agent, she's the one. Be ready to fall into her schedule though, as the really good agents are busy!!! She's the best."

- Mr. Fraipont- Investor